Play like the Pros.

What We Are

Drop-In Gaming is the revolutionary platform that brings gamers of all ability and skill levels together, where all gamers have a chance to win large cash prizes through bracket play, matches, and tournaments!

We offer free tournaments to get started, but allow everyone a chance to enter for money to compete for big cash payouts and for a chance to play in the Mega Tournaments, for Mega money.

The reason I chose Drop-In Gaming is because it's an easier site to manage than the others I tried. A big thing for me is they ask for feedback and take care of the situation if one is brought to their attention. Drop-In designed the site to help people who may not be as good as the pros: so they have a chance to truly play with their level of competition.


The only question is, “Where you droppin?”

Who We Are

As friends driven by the thrill of competitive gaming, Jason Atwood and Tanner Bogart realized there weren't enough opportunities to play tournaments with big cash prizes for the everyday gamer.

From that realization came the fundamental idea that Drop-In Gaming is built on: to provide a platform where everyday gamers can play to win big money. Play like the Pros!

Knowing they needed a world-class platform in order to make their dream a reality, they brought in another friend, Frank Strack, to lead development.

With Jason's professional poker experience and background in leadership within Fortune 100 companies, Tanner’s competitive gaming experience and connections within the industry, and Frank's background as a Principal Architect for various Fortune 50 companies, they had the perfect team to make Drop-In Gaming the world's best online tournament platform.